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Security Training Instructor Shaun

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After serving Kent Police for 14 years, I wasn't sure which industry would suit me best. Then I came across SIA qualifications, so I enrolled for a CCTV course in Central London. I was keen to use my frontline experience working as a surveillance officer. By August 2020, I had started the CCTV course; my career in the Police enabled me to relate to the content being delivered. 

I was approached by the trainer at the end of my first day, asking me whether I would be interested in becoming an approved trainer. My skills matched the job perfectly. Then I was introduced to the Head of Centre, who requested for my CV - within a day I was interviewed. During the transition, I was continuously supported. I had plenty of training and this was the start of my new journey. Now I am sharing my experience with the delegates, which is rewarding and the financial gain is huge.

Up To

£47,000 - £55,000 Per Year


Application requirement: You need to have 2 years of UK front line work experience within the last 5 years.

Adrian Training Instructor


"Starting a career as a trainer has been a far greater opportunity than I realised. Who knew I could earn between £3,800 - £4,200 each month"

From being a Head Door Supervisor to becoming a SIA Qualification Instructor

Up To

£3,800 - £4,200 Per Month

New Career New Lifestyle


Application requirement: You need to have 2 years of UK front line work experience within the last 5 years.


Future Training Instructor Murray

"The transition has been very smooth, I'm currently conducting my on-the-job training"

- Murray

Future Training Instructor Jack

"I have already completed all my training, excited to start teaching my first class"

- Lee

Jack Security Training Instructor

"I'm so pleased to have come across this advert. I'm currently being mentored during this pandemic"

- Jack


Please find answers to the frequently most asked questions on becoming a training instructor.

What is a SIA security training instructor? 

SIA security training instructors train delegates as they embark on their career working in the security sector. It is the responsibility of the training instructor to ensure that all candidates are equipped with the required skills and the appropriate training as they learn everything from behavioural standards on the front line, to conflict management and how to defuse high-risk scenarios. Ultimately, a security training instructor should make sure that all legal regulatory requirements are met and that candidates are efficiently trained according to regulations set out by Awarding Bodies, SIA, and Ofqual.

Why should you become a security training instructor?

Becoming a security training instructor allows you to create your own working day. You will have the option to pick and choose what work you want with the freedom to travel from location to location or stay based local to where you live, while mapping out and creating your own classroom style and tone of teaching. As a security training instructor you will get immense gratification from seeing your trained candidates reach their full potential as they climb the ladder in the security sector.  

How much can you earn as a security training instructor?

Security training instructors can make up to £150 and £200 a day and can earn anywhere from £3,000 to £6,000 a month.  

What is an awarding body?

An awarding body is responsible for setting out the exams and carrying out regular inspections of all the training instructors that are approved by them. There are a number of awarding bodies currently approved to regulate training instructors who wish to offer SIA security courses. All training instructors must be approved by an awarding body in order to offer SIA related Security qualifications in the UK. The awarding body will be responsible for setting the exams and marking them in accordance with Ofqual regulations.  

What locations have vacancies for instructors?

There are multiple training courses taking place all across the UK every week. Complete your application and find out how many opportunities are available near you.

What are the steps to becoming a trainer?

Get mentored by an experienced security training instructor

Once you have obtained the required qualifications and have been approved by an awarding body, you will officially be a fully qualified trainer instructor. However, before you can train a course on your own you will be paired with an experienced trainer. This part of the process is vital, as you will get the opportunity to work alongside a professional training instructor and learn everything from how to write a lesson plan, to making sure you know how to mark-up students’ papers after an exam. Security courses are heavily regulated and need to be run in a very specific way according to legal requirements set out by the Security Industry Authority. 

Get signed off

Once the experienced security training instructor feels that you are ready to train on your own, you will be signed off and will now be able to run your own security training courses.  

Continued professional development

Every year all training instructors are required to undergo a mandatory 30 hours of continued professional development to demonstrate that they are continuing their development and are up to date with training content and regulations.  

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